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Zoom Bible Study: WOMEN OF THE BIBLE

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Prior to COVID, our Bible Studies were held in homes or churches. Then COVID arrived and we were no longer able to meet together in person. A few of the studies finished the last few weeks using Zoom, thinking that it would be a temporary fix. When we were able to resume our Bible studies and follow the masking and social distancing regulations, we realized that Zoom would allow women to participate virtually even if they could not participate in person. NEWBS also offered a totally virtual study called Women of the Bible. Though the group was small in size, it was awesome. Since I was already participating in another study, I was thrilled that I could participate in this new study from home. My hope is that we can offer more virtual classes for those who work during the day, do not have child care, or would just prefer to meet from their homes. A couple of the ladies who participated in this study share their opinions about the Zoom study. Read those reviews below. ~Pat


I recently had the opportunity to be part of the NEWBS first Bible Study with all participants and the Study leader meeting completely via ZOOM. Having never been part of a 100% online study, I was a little apprehensive about the learning environment as well as the element of fellowship, which is so important to our in person studies.

I have to say that any concerns I had about this study were put to rest during the very first session! We began with seven participants, and I found the group size was optimal for plenty of discussion and shared insights from each participant. When we began, I was not familiar with any of the six other ladies, but found we developed sweet relationships and trust quickly due to our mutual love of the Word and respect for others' opinions and experiences. It was truly a joy to dig deeper into the Word to learn more about the importance of women to God's plan of salvation through Jesus. I feel like I have made new friends and sisters I can reach out to for prayer, a listening ear, or Godly wisdom.

As far as logistics, we decided early on to have one individual taking on most of the technical duties (setting up the ZOOM sessions, sending reminders with log-in information, checking on any technical difficulties during the sessions) while the leader/teacher was able to concentrate fully on facilitating the studies. We quickly learned a rhythm for taking turns sharing our thoughts, asking questions, etc., and I believe each of us left feeling satisfied and wanting more each week.

Our awesome leader, Linda Dolive, set a very comfortable, casual mood for our time together, and the format chosen (weekly reading and class discussion) was excellent in allowing an in-depth study while not requiring hours of homework each day. And it was certainly a bonus to not have to add travel time to our already busy days.

I am thankful I joined this wonderful Bible study and fully recommend the use of the ZOOM format for future sessions offered by NEWBS.

Tish Newland _______________________________________________________________________

I participated in the Zoom study, Women of the Bible, led by Linda Dolive in early spring 2021. I’ve been a participant in one of the Anderson township studies for a few years and that’s how I met Linda.

I chose to do the Zoom study for a couple reasons. Linda Dolive had taught at our in person study in the past and was such a great teacher I was interested in taking a class with her. Also, the sign ups were at a time when all the Covid issues were still in flux and I thought a Zoom study would be a good choice. Add to that I was really interested in the subject.

It turned out to be a good experience. As with any study the participants largely govern the dynamics, and in this case they were wonderful, thoughtful and discerning women, some new to me, some old friends, who made the study a thought provoking and enjoyable learning experience.

The nature of the study being on Zoom did not water down the experience at all. We were able to share prayer requests and participate in fellowship just as we do in person. I look forward to seeing people at my in person study next fall, but I found the Zoom study very enriching.

Jane Silvers

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