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Thoughts about NEWBS

Some of the women who participate in NEWBS (Northeast Women's Bible Studies) will be sharing their thoughts about the Bible Study Groups. Below are some comments from a wonderful woman who has been involved with NEWBS for many years.

NEWBS has provided:

  1. Discipline for daily Bible reading that “renews a right mind & spirit” within me through the power of God’s Word

  2. Encouragement from the fellowship & friendship of “like minds” in the faith

  3. Strength from faithfulness in prayer

  4. Edification from others who share Holy Spirit’s insights into truths of the Word I haven't perceived

  5. A deeper relationship with the Lord because I desire more of His presence, wisdom, & understanding

  6. A sharper awareness of the Holy Spirit’s counsel, guidance, reminders, & corrections for me personally

  7. A keener focus on things of eternal value rather than the chaotic distractions of the secular world

As a result I thank God for His peace & presence which are priceless and surround me through the work of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Indeed I now realize NEWBS has come along side and helped me strive to live out my church’s mission statement to “Praise the Father, Proclaim the Son, and Submit to the perfecting power of the Holy Spirit".

So thank-you one and all who lead, support, administrate, and make the NEWBS ministry possible!



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