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God is So Good!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Just weeks ago, conversation came up about my upcoming knee replacement surgery. I was open about it with a few people, but didn't want to dwell on it. I really wasn't afraid. I had known for years that this surgery was inevitable. I spent many hours prior to surgery talking with God. I knew He was in charge - as He is in all matters. All the medications (type and amount) were of concern, since I have many allergies. I told Him that I was releasing the surgery: pain, medication, and even the doctor to Him. I prayed for no pain, though that sounded impossible. But, I knew if that were God's will, it would be so.

At one of our Bible study meetings, one dear friend shared with the group that I was preparing to have surgery. Unbelievably, many of these women asked me specifically for the date and the time so they could pray during surgery. They weren't just praying for me, but with me. Then Tish sent out a message to all the OutPost women about my surgery. Friends, family, neighbors, and people I didn't even know told me they were praying for me. I felt so uplifted and so loved. I knew that God had this surgery under control. Thank you, God.

Two days prior to the surgery, I had to begin taking two of the medications. One of them frightened me, because not only was it a very powerful drug, but I was told that once I started taking it I would need to continue taking it throughout the next month, I began with the initial dose and had a reaction. Since it wasn't a horrible reaction, I figured I would just trust God. After taking the drug the next day and having a much worse reaction, I called the doctor and that drug was immediately removed from my list of meds. My first thought was "Thank you, God."

I arrived at the surgery center around 8:15 am. I was told that I should be out within 5-8 hours, which meant between 1:30 - 4:30 pm, though I wasn't released until 7:30 pm. I woke up in the recovery room feeling no pain but very dizzy. Shortly, I informed the nurse that I was about to upchuck. I continued regurgitating until I lay my head down on my pillow at home that night. I had been instructed to take Oxycodone for pain, After some pushback, I was told to take it along side two extra strength Tylenol capsules. I was told to take the Tylenol first, and if I still experienced pain, I would need to add the Oxycodone. I did not take the Oxycodone that night and wondered what kind of pain I might have to endure when I awoke. Thank you, God, for sleep.

I awakened early the next morning and lay very still trying to figure out if I were going to continue "tossing my cookies" and what kind of pain I was about to experience. No spewing! No pain! Whoa! Really? My leg was stiff. But it wasn't hard to walk. I used my walker to get to the kitchen, but since no one else was up at that time, I just made my breakfast, took my meds and starting reading my Bible- without the walker. As I write this about a week and a half post-surgery, my flexion score has reached 127 degrees. The goals that have been set for me have been exceeded! I have had some stiffness and a slight ache a couple of times, but no pain! Things may yet occur, but God has been so good. I have been able to start this initial healing without any real pain. I am even thankful for the time of vomiting, as I am certain that many of those drugs were expelled from my body during that time. You've probably heard the saying that, ""Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path." I agree. Thank you God!

Thank you, ladies. I so appreciate each of you and your prayers. I also love and appreciate my husband and son for their prayers, help, and patience. Thank you God! I am so blessed! God is good. He is so,so good!



Yesterday was exactly two weeks from surgery. I went to see the physical therapist and she put me on a recumbent bike. I was able to do a full revolution! At two weeks! So, I biked for five minutes at just under one mile. I was also (for the first time) able to use either leg to walk up and down the stairs. No more "good leg up, bad leg down." God is truly good!

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1 comentario

Gayle Litmer
Gayle Litmer
09 jun 2022

Yes! God is so very good Pat!

I Bless you and your continued healing in t of Jesus Amen

Me gusta
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